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Proof Evolution Is Ridiculous

He's an idiot

Today we have GMan telling us that evolution is ridiculous. Basically, Gman accepts "microevolution" but denies "macro-evolution" because he's a dumbass. He says that bananas aren't his great uncle brother, therefore, evolution is ridiculous.

Microevolution is a b.s. word made up by Creationists in order to slightly accept evolution without actually accepting evolution. They believe in small changes happening but disagree that small changes over time cause speciation. They don't understand how evolution works and they create nonsense words in order to display this.

Yes, genetically we share genes with every living thing on earth. Tiktaalik is the first sea creature to walk on land. It is the source of all mammal life on land. GMan characterizes evolutionists as saying that it is our great - great - great ..... great grandpa. That just shows his ignorance of evolutionary theory and is just insulting at this point.

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Created: 2017-07-03 06:57:22

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