Science Is The New Irrational Religion

Science is NOT a religion

Today we are responding to MorgueOfficial about how science is the new irrational religion. basically, he tries to say Rationalism and Empiricism are at odds so science can't give us an accurate depiction of reality, which is absurd.

First, he defines science as being empirical, which is fine. Science is empirical but that doesn't mean that it's not rational. He tries to suggest that science is dogmatic in its practice. Science has an internal check and balance system that assures it can give us the best representation of reality. Science uses math, rationalism, and empiricism in order to accomplish this. He tries to separate math out into rational science and empirical science. It's all just fucking science.

Next, he supposes that classical mechanics has been replaced by quantum mechanics, which is totally ridiculous. Classical Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics work in tandem to define mechanics.

Finally, he says that the Euler equation is the soul equation and defines us as eternal energy that continues to exist after we live. That's the whole thing

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Created: 2017-06-26 05:45:16

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