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Good Arguments for the Mythical Jesus and Debate Tactics

What to do and not to do

Today I discuss good arguments for a mythical Jesus and some debate tactics. I had some poor arguments in my discussion with Matt Kovacs and here are some ways that I could have made that conversation a lot better.

1. You won’t always be prepared for every angle

You should prepare for any debate that you have but you won't be able to prepare for every angle that someone comes at you. The Ability to think on your feet is very important and thus why Point 4 is so important.

2. Have a Cool Head

Having and Keeping a cool head is very important in these discussions. I had a problem with that in my discussion with Matt. There is no reason to get upset over anything.

3. Know when to Agree to Disagree

This is something very important to learn and is often difficult to recognize, at least for me it is. In the discussion about James the Brosef of Christ, we should have stopped discussing it after 20 minutes of discussion. We obviously weren't getting anywhere with it.

4. Know your material inside and out

This should be obvious but if you feel prepared, you probably could use some more preparation. Again, you can't always be perfectly prepared but you can know your shit inside and out.

5. Just because you haven’t read everything on a subject, doesn’t mean you’re wrong.

This is something that Matt tried to pull at the end of the discussion and that is claiming I was ignorant because I haven't read all the literature on the subject. That is tantamount to Christians who say that because you haven't explored every inch of the known universe, you can't know if god exists.

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Created: 2017-06-22 07:27:41

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