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How To Prove God Exists With Science

Supernatural can't be natural

Today in our ongoing discussion with Josh, we are talking about how to prove God exists with science. We start off talking about "good" arguments for Creationism and "good" arguments against Evolution. Then we start talking about scientifically proving God exists via miracles and God himself.

First, we discuss good arguments against Evolution. I simply respond by saying that there aren't any good arguments, just poor arguments that are popular. The transitional fossils are one such argument. Just about every creationist pulls that card and expects me to throw my hands up in the air and believe a bearded guy created everything.

Next, we discuss any good arguments for Creationism. I would have to say that faith is the best argument that they have because they just chalk everything up to it with no reason behind it.

Then we discuss miracles and why they are not the best thing to scientifically prove God exists. Miracles are supernatural in nature and as soon as we can prove a miracle it becomes natural. Creationists rarely ever understand this point as well as the fact that all prior evidence would suggest that miracles simply do not happen. I do leave myself open to miracles happening/existing but I would need good evidence.

Finally, we land on proving God exists with science. We talk about how you would need to distinguish anything God does in this reality from natural occurrences. Christians have come up with a workaround for this though in the form of saying that everything is evidence of God, which is basically an Argument from Design fallacy.

We end on a special note that leads us to our next topic: The Historicity of Jesus.

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Created: 2017-06-21 07:49:23

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