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Appeals to Authority and The Consensus Of Scholars

Evidence not Authority

Today Matt and I talk about appeals to authority and the consensus of scholars and why I don't trust that consensus. He stands firm on the side of his scholars while I stand firm in my opposition.

I don't trust the scholars in this field that he gives all this credit to. I trust the evidence, not the scholars. Scholars can be wrong and in fact that is the only way that we gain knowledge. People are wrong, then we find better explanations.

Matt believes that it's easier to believe that Jesus did exist but using that logic you could argue that Abraham or Moses existed when we know for a fact that they didn't. It's just easier to believe that they did.

I find his argument here to just be an appeal to authority. Because these scholars teach at schools they must be correct and the only authority that can be correct.

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Created: 2017-06-15 08:44:59

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