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Best Argument For God's Existence Debunked

Today, Dr. William Craig offers up his favorite arguments for god's existence. Basically it's the Kalam Cosmological Argument and the Moral Argument.

The kalam argument isn't as sound and he likes to make it out to be. Not everything in this world needs or has a cause. Virtual Particles and radioactive decay are examples of things that don't have a cause. While the universe does have a cause, being the big bang, there is no need to say it had to be transcendental. Nothing indicates that it needed to be transcendental.

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His actual favorite argument is the moral argument which falls flat on its face when you just consider how the morality in the Bible has changed over time. From women's suffrage to LGBT rights, the morality contained within the bible has changed drastically.

** I didn't mean to demean the LGBT movement when comparing to the struggles of the community elsewhere in the world. **

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Created: 2017-06-09 07:33:44

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