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Joseph Sold Into Slavery, Judah Impregnates Daughter-In-Law

Accidental Sex, Again

Today on the Daily Bible Podcast, Joseph gets sold into slavery and Judah accidentally impregnates his own daughter-in-law when she is mistaken for a prostitute.

So first we blow through Esau and his descendants because who cares about Chewbacca's line. Then we get to Judah and his sons. Joseph is his favorite and he likes to have dreams. These dreams are of his brothers, all 11 of them, bowing down to him in the future. So like a dipshit he goes and tells his brosefs all about this. They get pissy and sell him to some people that eventually sell him to Egypt.

Next, God decides to kill one of Judah's kids that are married to Tamar. For literally no reason, at least that we are given. Next, Judah tells his other son to have kids with tamar but they will be his brothers kids. Dude is like "Nah, Bro" and decides to spill his seed instead of impregnating her. God kills him.

Next, Judah promises another son to Tamar once he gets to be fuckin age and he doesn't do it. She then prostitutes herself to Judah and his another set of two kids, I guess to make up for the other two that she killed.

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Created: 2017-06-06 07:34:50

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