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Climate Change Scientists are Lying about CO2 Levels


In today's video, we learn that climate change scientists are lying about CO2 Levels and the effects. Basically, we have Ranger Rick of tell us exactly how graphs don't work and that lot's of CO2 doesn't mean catastrophe.

The crux of his entire argument is that Climate Change Scientists are deliberately misrepresenting the information in highly edited graphs that highlight what they want to show while completely hiding what they don't want you to know. This is primarily that CO2 has changed in the past and that, currently, those levels are at the lowest in history. This is true but he is actually the one that is deliberately presenting information in a way that highlights his narrative while withholding needed information that should be paired with what he is saying.

He fails to mention the effects of those high temperatures and high levels of CO2. To supplement his misinformation campaign I offer a little context to those numbers by showing what the world looked like in those times. Showing how there was very little land to live on and how the lowering of the temperature on earth for the past hundreds of millions of years has resulted in our rise to the dominant species on this planet.

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Created: 2017-06-05 05:03:45

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