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Faith Kids Discuss What Is God's Love

Wat is love?

Today on Faith Kids, we discuss what is god's love. God's love is a complex subject that has to be explained with various passages that span both the old and new testament. That still doesn't explain why I can donate 30 cents a month and do more for someone than God has ever done.

God's love as explained here by the Faith Kids is not tarnished by starvation, death, disease, and all the bad stuff that happens. They forgot to mention the verse where God says he created the darkness and the light equally. Kind of a Ying-Yang situation but God is responsible for it all. The Faith Kids are blaming it on the governments that withhold money, food, water, and other essentials. The Faith Kids also claim that God gives 1% of people way more money so they can choose to share the wealth or not. Free will and such.

OH, and the Faith Kids discuss free will too. They say God could have created robots but wouldn't you want someone to want to love you instead of extorting it out of them. Wait... that's exactly what God does.

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Created: 2017-05-31 09:06:50

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