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5 Mind-Blowing Scientific Facts In The Bible Debunked

Not Divine

Today we take on 5 mind-blowing scientific facts in the Bible and debunk them as being divined supernaturally. Basically, it boils down to the fact that this guy doesn't realize when these concepts were actually born and the fact that a scientific consensus couldn't have existed in those days.

First scientific fact, we have billions of stars being divined in the Bible. The Bible doesn't actually use the term "billions." It just says that there are a lot of stars or it uses the stars as a basis of saying "a fuck-ton."

Second scientific fact, we have that the earth freely floats in space. This was not a divine fact from God, it was postulated well before Job was written. Most of these facts originate in the 6th Century BC which is when a lot of these books were written. That indicates to me that it wasn't divine as much as it was just stolen from others. The idea that the earth didn't float freely in space was more of a Mesopotamian, as well as other people groups, idea. It was not a scientific consensus.

Third scientific fact, we have that the earth is round. The earth is an Oblate Spheroid which is not round. It's more like a sphere but the bible says round. That indicates a flat earth. There are many other passages in the bible, even in the New Testament, that speak of the earth as being flat rather than a sphere.

The fourth scientific fact is that blood is the source of life which isn't consistent with reality. There are plenty of lively creatures that do not have blood. Blood also comes in a myriad of flavors that all look different.

The fifth scientific fact is that creation is made up of atoms. He says this was divined like 3K years ago but was actually written down many centuries after the atomic theory had been postulated by Democritus in the 400 BC time frame.

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Created: 2017-05-22 17:09:24

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