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5 Things Liberals Believe ft. Pastor Greg Locke

Not All Liberals

So we are back today with another Pastor Greg Locke response. He recently put up a video where he talks about 5 things that itch his hind leg, whatever the fuck that is. He mentions climate change, genders, overpopulation, gun control, and socialism as things he finds ridiculous.

First, he talks about how socialism is the death of capitalism. This is a bit of strawman and a slippery slope. He first acts like Bernie Sanders advocates for Socialism when it's actually Democratic Socialism. Socialism would replace Capitalism but that is not what Bernie Sanders would want to do. It's a Slippery Slope argument because he says that Bernie would cause the death of Capitalism in America.

Second, He says that climate change is a farce. He claims that the school system has failed us because we believe the lies of billionaire Al Gore, which is exactly who he believes... A billionaire.

Third, He complains about overpopulation and how it's not really a thing. Apparently, you can put everyone in Jacksonville Florida, which isn't even true. You can fit 2.3M people in Jacksonville the way he specifies it. If you stacked people 3 miles in the air you could fit 7B people in Jacksonville but that negates 350M people and the fact that we have to be able to support those people with food and water. Not just living space.

He also has an issue with Gun Control and Genders. I'm for responsible gun control and Tell me what pronoun to use and I'll call you that but some of these genders are ridiculous.

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Created: 2017-05-15 04:24:11

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