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Response to Shock of God on 10 Questions Atheists Cannot Answer

Shock falls short

So, Shock of God has a problem with my 10 Questions Atheists cannot answer. He drifts from why atheists don't shit talk satan to the big bang theory.

So he starts off with complaining about atheists going after satan. Basically, we don't do that because Satanists don't post videos on Youtube attacking science or atheists. Satanists are rather cool. We don't attack the idea of Satan in the bible because he's still just a puppet of God. God runs shit, not Satan.

Second, he talks about Science vindicating Christianity when it really doesn't. All it does is open more plot holes in the story. He says that since the bible says the universe started with god and the universe began with the big bang, therefore Christianity is accurate and correct.


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Created: 2017-05-12 13:29:33

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