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RE: Resurrection of Jesus Not Based On Pagan Myths

Pagan Resurrection

Today we are tackling Catholic Answers and the Resurrection. They say that the Resurrection is in no way based Pagan Myths. I disagree. He Dismisses a few resurrection gods and in some cases flat out lies about them.

First is the idea that the resurrection of Jesus couldn't have been based on Pagan beliefs because the idea of resurrection wasn't part of the pagan worldview. That's just blatantly false. He takes a shot at a greek god named Attis and I'm not sure he read a source on Attis or what but he gets Attis completely wrong. He says that Attis was resurrected into a Pine tree. Attis was born of an almond that grew from a tree which grew from a severed penis. So I don't know what he's talking about.

A better point was made about Osiris but it still fails. He said that Osiris didn't resurrect back into an earthly body. But, Osiris resurrected and ruled over Duat which is comparable to Sheol. Sheol was supposed to be a physical place here on earth. The Grecian version of the gospels actual reference it as Hades. Regardless of that, Jesus was resurrected into a spiritual body, not some physical one.

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Created: 2017-05-04 07:10:11

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