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Jacob's Cousin-Sister Wives, next on Springer

More Incest in the Bible

Today on the show we discuss the complexities of indentured servitude and what it's like to get paid with the wrong woman. Jacob doesn't just get one woman but four.

So we start off with Jacob working for his uncle to get Rachel. Because this is the Bible, it's cool cause women are property yo. So Jacob works as a servant for 7 years to get Rachel but instead is bamboozled with Leah. He doesn't even realize it isn't Rachel till after they are wed and he's fucked her. Kind of like the asshole that doesn't realize he ordered a salad but got a hamburger so he decides to complain.

So Jacob gets Rachel too but has to work another 7 years as an indentured servant. It's odd how Jacob is now on the receiving end of being bamboozled when he bamboozled his father. During that time, Jacob is having kids. Rachel is barren because god said "FUCK RACHEL" so he had kids with leah. Then Rachel gave him her woman servant. Then Leah gave him her servant. Then God pitied Rachel and allowed her to have children.

Later on, Jacob wants to leave his uncle and take some of the flock. His uncle tries to bamboozle Jacob again but fails because Jacob is expecting it.

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Created: 2017-05-02 07:40:55

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