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Moon Landing Hoax with DarkSkyWatcher74

Today we look at a guy that says NASA has outed itself as faking the moon landing. He doesn't ever say why this proves the moon landing a hoax but he says that it does. It boils down to a few things: Focal Length, Perspective, and an Argument from Ignorance.

His evidence for this hoax is the fact that the earth appears larger than the moon in one recent picture, yet on the last apollo mission (all apollo missions) have the earth being much smaller. One thing that factors into this is Focal Length of the cameras that were taken up to the moon on Apollo 17. These focal lengths allowed the astronauts to take selfies and include the Earth in the background. This does not prove the moon landing to be a hoax.

The focal length then leads us to how perspective works. An object that is farther away will appear smaller to the observer. This is how from the moon's surface the earth appears small but is actually much bigger than the moon. The EPIC satellite is better able to capture the size differences because of its position and the focal length of the camera.

These are easily explainable things so I'm not sure why he thinks the moon landing hoax is an actual thing.

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Created: 2017-05-01 08:22:30

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