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Greg Locke Against Planned Parenthood

Locke Exposed

Greg Locke is Against Planned Parenthood because of this people have donated to him in his name. This is mainly because he has a "bold and biblical" stance on abortion. He's been playing the victim card the entire time. Saying that he's been receiving harassing letters and messages from Planned Parenthood that donations were made in his name.

The first video is the supposed viral video that sparked most of the controversy. He says he's been getting planned parenthood letters that donations have been given in his name. being that Greg Locke is Against Planned Parenthood he just had to make a video announcing it. Thus, more people donated in his name.

In the second video, Greg Locke decided that it's a great opportunity to get more social media eyes on the situation and pledges to go to Planned Parenthood on April 27, which was yesterday. He went. He recycled. It was made moot by the fact that he flew on a plane to get there.

Basically, Pastor Greg Locke against Planned Parenthood is an overhyped recycling trip.

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Created: 2017-04-28 07:37:01

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