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Why the Bible Is Accurate and Historicity of Jesus

Jesus isn't real

In this portion of the Interview, Camo and I talk about a number of things ranging from the accuracy of the Bible to where life begins. We continue to have a civil discourse I point out where he is wrong and try to get him to think critically about his religion.

We start out talking about how the Bible's interpretation alone has changed over time. How the Bible was used to argue for slavery, the subjection of women, and to stifle the civil liberties of people everywhere. We discuss the Old Testament laws and how they apply now.

We also discuss whether or not Jesus was a historical person. He brings up "historical references" to Jesus and I explain why that is not a convincing argument. He appeals to authority on a lot of things.

Finally, we discuss how we know things. He brings up the possibility of a world with just my face everywhere. As scary as that may be, I can't 100% state that I know it doesn't exist just because it seems highly improbable. He definitely knows it though.


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Created: 2017-04-26 07:58:50

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