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Jacob Tricks Isaac into Blessing Him

Isaac is Dumb

In Today's episode, we go through why Esau gets shafted out of getting Jacob's god blessing. Which doesn't really make sense because after Isaac accidentally gives Jacob the blessing he blesses the mafucker again.

So basically, Isaac is just chilling out when he goes blind and he calls Esau over and tells him to hunt and bring him some food. Like mafucker, I ain't your servant. Isaac said that he would give Esau his god blessing if he did it, so Esau goes and starts to hunt.

MEANWHILE, Becky from lot 24 hates Esau. So she gets her other son Jacob to impersonate Esau and get the blessing. This pisses Esau off ... hard.

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Created: 2017-04-25 07:32:42

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