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Scientific Evidence for God and Homosexuality in the Bible

Science and God don't mix

So a while back I interviewed the CamoChristian and we had a good long discussion across a wide range of subjects. We start off talking about the scientific proofs for god and end up discussing homosexuality.

In general, the scientific evidence for god that camochristian says exists becomes a bit scarce when we start talking about it. His explanation for plants existing before sunlight boils down to "shit worked differently back then."

Atheism doesn't make any sense

He tries to explain his position on homosexuality but it's rather confusing because he says that Christianity isn't based on thought crime when it completely is based on thought crime. He thinks homosexuality is wrong but only if you act on it. Oh and he thinks homosexuals can be forgiven they just gotta never do homo stuff again.

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Created: 2017-04-19 08:05:33

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