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White Trash in the Bible

Abraham and Isaac 

Welcome Heathens! We are back on with the Daily Bible Podcast. We had to take a couple weeks there because I was on a business trip but now I'm back and ready to get to work.

Today on the Podcast, we have a tale of two white trash men living it up in the trailer park in the middle east. The first guy has a son and he, Isaac, marries Becky from down the block. Becky is a lot younger than Isaac but nobody seems to give a fuck. Now after the Abraham dies, his son Isaac decides to repeat everything that he did. From denying he has wife and calling her his sister to Abimelech, to fleeing to Egypt because of famine. I mean it's a shot for shot remake of the entire fucking thing.

WATCH: Selecting Rebekah

Then we get to Jacob and Esau. Esau is riding the short bus while Jacob is the jock that everyone wants to love but also know he's a dick. Jacob convinces the mentally handicap red head Wookie, aka Esau, to give up his birthright for some lentil soup, the shittiest of all soups.

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Created: 2017-04-18 07:41:12

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