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The Illuminati Vaccines Make Money Using Autism and ADHD

Illuminati Exposed

The Illuminati are at it again. Now they are using Vaccines to mess with our spine cells, brain cells, and even stem cells. They are doing this to make money off of little autistic and ADHD ridden kids.

First off the guy in the video is ridiculous. I mean he is self-diagnosed ADHD that thinks his autistic child is autistic because he had him vaccinated. With no evidence whatsoever, he buys into the whole vaccination causes autism lie. Oh, and at the same time, he's calling everyone that gets vaccinated a sheep whilst being a sheep himself.

Illuminati Evolution Conspiracy

No, vaccines do not cause autism. That myth was started as a result of a faulty study 20 years or so ago. leave it up to this guy to buy into the idea that they do though. You won't guess why the Illuminati is involved though. They are involved because apparently, they make a lot of money off of autistic kids and ADHD treatment. I'm not sure what business advice the Illuminati got but they definitely need to get their money back because autistic children really aren't the cash cow that the worldwide conglomerate of evil geniuses need to fund their operation.


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Created: 2017-04-17 07:17:41

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