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Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ Debunked

Dead Jew, on a Stick

So today is Good Friday, which means in Christian mythology a guy was pinned to a stick and killed so he could save us from himself. If that confused you, then you had the correct reaction.


The first piece of evidence is the Pauline Creed. That doesn't prove that the resurrection actually happened. It may give an idea of when paul came up with it but it doesn't prove he resurrected. Mainly because Paul doesn't get his information from humans or history. He gets his information from revelation and scriptures. The only scriptures he had were the Torah, Septuagint, and other Jewish lore. He also says that there wasn't enough time for myth to be developed and that just isn't true. There was plenty of time for myth to come about.

The next piece of evidence that Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead is that women found the empty tomb. Still not actual proof of the resurrection because the women that found his tomb were part of his posse. They were important in the story so it wasn't some kind of embarrassment.

Finally, to prove that Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead, he says that it was prophesized. Not just his resurrection from the dead but that his entire life was prophesized. LOL, this is just ridiculous. You mean to tell me that they had a perfect set of everything that Jesus would / should do and instead of realizing that people could just take that shit and create a myth you believe that he actually fulfilled every single one of them. Wow... Just wow..


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Created: 2017-04-14 06:10:35

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