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Missouri Public Schools Employ Christian Sex Ed Organization

Thrive, St. Louis

Thrive St. Louis is a Christian Sex Education and Women's Health organization. They teach abstinence-only sex education, do not provide nor prescribe contraception, and do not provide Plan B. Numerous Missouri school districts employ ThriVe St. Louise to provide sex education services, a fact which was exposed following a FFRF letter campaign to public and charter schools in the system.

FFRF sent out a flurry of letters on Friday, April 7, to 15 public and charter school districts objecting to school-sponsored sex education being conducted by Thrive St. Louis. FFRF was informed of the violation by local members.

ThriVe describes their program as as:

The Best Choice Abstinence Education program is presented to St. Louis area middle school and high school students, as well as area youth groups and churches. The staff and volunteers seek to meet the spiritual needs of clients by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


They are actively pushing their religious views in middle school and high schools. This is not how the public school system of Missouri should be spending tax payer money. 

Ryan Jayne from the FFRF points out how dangerous this program could be by saying:

It is inappropriate for a public school to allow an organization widely reputed for pushing a religious agenda to speak to a captive student audience, especially when coupled with inaccurate and potentially dangerous medical advice.

The FFRF also notes that by law in Missouri, sex education courses must be scientifically and factually accurate. Abstinence-only courses regularly distort scientific facts surrounding sex, contraception, and abortion in order to promote their faith based view.

On ThriVe's Q & A page on their website they state:

Can I get birth control?

ThriVe® does not prescribe or refer for birth control.

Do you have Emergency Contraception?

ThriVe® does not hand out emergency contraception (Plan B).

Public school systems should provide a secular service for sex education. Pushing religion on children is wrong considering not all of them are going to be indoctrinated into the same religion. Public schools employing a faith-based program has me asking a lot of questions, as a concerned parent. Are they pushing religion on my child? Is that the purpose of this program, to push religious practices on small chldren? Is there a secular sex education course for children whose parents don't wnat them to be in a faith based class? Are these schools breaking Missouri law by having these courses?

These are the kinds of questions that Missouri parents need to be asking.

(via FFRF)

Created: 2017-04-11 12:51:26

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