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NASA Brainwashes Us With Globe Earth

So, According to this guy we are all brainwashed or are being brainwashed by NASA to believe in the Globe Earth. He, of course, thinks that the only viable model is a flat earth.

First off he tells us that our model is dead. DED, DEAD. It's dead because we have never seen the globe earth... despite many videos from a plane between 45K and 80K ft. in the air. 45K you can just notice the curvature of the earth. It's pretty clear that his worldview is the deceased one due to the fact that nobody is teaching flat earth anywhere. That doesn't lend credence to the model. The fact that you can go up on a plane, watch space walks, or even look at other planets and see that they are round, give credence to the fact that the earth is a globe. The teaching in classrooms is what I would say makes it a dead model or not.

Second, apparently, bigfoot and unicorns disprove pictures of a globe earth. This is some solid Flat Earth research here guise. I mean how can we say bigfoot is fake when there is a picture and why can't unicorns fly. I mean if those things true then why can flat earth result in true.

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Created: 2017-04-10 11:55:22

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