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Answering 10 Questions that Atheists Cannot Answer

Seriously, this is the worst piece of shit list of questions that I've come across. I mean one of the questions is about how can see the wind. This guy sways from asking if science can answer everything, god of the gaps thinking and wrapping this charade up with Pascals wager.

At one point he talks about how you need to go to every corner of this existence to search for god. That is bullshit. Primarily because if god has a direct effect in our lives we should be able to see his effects in reality. We simply don't see that.

He also uses the Wind Argument. That's where he said "We can't see God but we also don't see the wind and we know it's real." Well that is a bit of a false equivalence. You can't compare the wind to some supernatural, omniscient being. That's ridiculous. But, just beause we can't see air doesn't mean that it isn't present and wind is a way we can test for some kind of atmosphere.

Finally Pascals Wager. The bane of the argument today. It's ridiculous to make Pascals Wager because It's not Atheism or Christianity. It's Atheism vs Theism in it's entirety.

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Created: 2017-04-08 18:22:21

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