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Alex Collier Proves A Hollow Earth and Alien Moon

So Alex Collier is a guy who apparently has been contacted by the Andromeda system or something. He thinks that the earth is hollow and the moon was brought here 11,000 years ago by aliens. Yeah... Aliens and they have been kidnapping children.

Simple Irrefutable Flat Earth Proof

So first off, the earth is hollow. That is what Alex is saying in his first point and his evidence is a picture he got out of a textbook. He says you can see a hole at the top of the globe. Also, gravity is caused by sun radiation and electrons turn into light at the center of the hollow earth. Those light electrons are then spewed out through the holes at the poles of the earth creating the earth's magnetic field.

Moon Phases Explained by a Flat Earther Stinky Cash

Then he throws in that aliens dropped the moon here 11,000 years ago and set it up as a base for them to kidnap children in the last 25 years. I mean that's a long set up for kidnapping kids. Most people need here on earth is a free candy van.


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Created: 2017-04-05 08:22:15

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