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Deflating Atheism's "Hacking Atheism"

This is Hacking Atheism by Deflating atheism... Let's hurry up and get to the hacking. get your Hacker goggles on and turn up the EDM music because that's how we do stuff in hackerland.

Seriously, though, I have no idea why he decided to call this Hacking atheism because it doesn't accomplish what he is trying to. He wants to turn an atheists argument back on them but he just fails in spectacular fashion.

Point 1 is the First Cause, he thinks he gets around this by turning the refutation "which god" back on the atheist. Like "Which god does this not prove." It's ridiculous. You can't disprove a god, you can only fail to prove yours.

Point 2 is bad stuff happening. Basically, he uses the weak argument of "bad stuff happens, therefore, god doesn't exist" and throws in genocidal atheists as a way to argue against it. He also uses an Equivocation fallacy to compare supernatural gods and those that claim to be a god here in reality.

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Created: 2017-04-03 08:03:46

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