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Moon Phases Explained by a Flat Earther Stinky Cash

The moon's phases are easily explained by the revolution of the Earth and Moon around the Sun. This guy doesn't think that way, though. StinkyCASH is a very special individual because he's a flat-earther. He seriously thinks that the earth is flat and that the sun resides in our atmosphere.

Oh and the Moon gets darker as it gets closer to the sun because of the 14.5 degrees it loses in its Lunar Day. I don't know how the moon gets darker as it gets closer. You would think that it would be getting brighter as it gets closer.

Also, the only way a lunar eclipse last year happened is if another round mass descended down on the earth to create it. That's the only way. Couldn't be that his model is fuckered.

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Created: 2017-03-29 05:54:46

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