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PragerU's Anti-Climate Change Propaganda DEBUNKED

Anti-Climate Change Propaganda U

PragerU has been a big advertiser here on the GE channel. For some reason, their ads are regularly blasted as well as other religious ads. I figured since they are somewhat paying me to show their ads, might as well take them to task.

I know PragerU has that morality video that has been going around lately, but that isn't all they have. Today, along with Rationality Rules, we will be dismantling the propaganda video they have against climate change. Basically, their video could be summarized much like a Donald Trump tweet: "FOSSIL FUEL GOOD. CLIMATE CHANGE ISN'T SO BAD. KEEP FOSSIL FUELS. VERY SAD!"

They paint the climate change proponents as just being anti-fossil fuels. This isn't the main focus of warning people about climate change or changing our habits so we don't continue to negatively affect the environment. I'm very much in favor of recognizing the effects of mankind on our environment and how we have radically advanced climate change through CO2 emissions, but I'm still going to drive my ass 20 mi to work every day using gasoline.

This video is pure propaganda because the key to propaganda is substituting actual facts for alternative facts.

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Created: 2017-03-24 08:15:51

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