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Public Schools should be teaching Prayer, Jesus, and Christianity

Religion in Schools

E.W. Jackson is a right-wing pastor here in America. He thinks we should be teaching kids "Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so." Even though not every student is a Christian. He said in a radio program:

We need to bring prayer back into schools and we need to bring the Bible back into schools and we need to start telling children, like we used to in school, who made you -- God. And have them singing, 'Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.'"

First of all, nothing is stopping children from prayer in schools now. So there is no "bringing prayer back." What he wants is institutionalized Christian prayer. That is illegal with our current Constitution as it violates the first amendment. Oh but he made sure to address that nugget of truth.

Jackson insisted that requiring such instruction in public schools would not violate the First Amendment because he claimed that restrictions on the establishment of religion only applies to Congress.

Oh yes... it only applies to congress. I don't think he knows what he's talking about because what he is saying doesn't make sense. Congress authorizes money to be paid to Public Schools so that they can be publically funded. Public money cannot be used to advance one religion or another. Of course, that doesn't stop people from doing it but it does provide an avenue to fight it.

EW Closes out with this:

They hate God, they hate any mention of God, they hate any notion of God. They hate Christianity. What they want to do is completely sanitize the country of the presence, the acknowledgement, the respect for almighty God and the church and the synagogue or anything that represents the God of the Bible.

Yeah, because Churches still being tax exempt, "In God We Trust" being plastered on public vehicles, Christian police force in Alabama, and the general reverence for religion doesn't indicate that anyone wants to "completely sanitize the country of the presence [of God]."

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