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Evolution is an Illuminati Hoax

Illuminati Scientists

Mario, the Vigilant Christian, is known for being rather eccentric. He has drunk the Truther Kool-aide and went back for seconds. Today we will see how the Illuminati is using Evolution to bring forth the anti-christ.

First of all, he says that Evolution is wrong, of course. But not only that but it's problem is that it brainwashes us to think about what is next for Human evolution. That is ridiculous.

Evolution is a Fairy Tale

He proposes that "Illuminati evolutionist scientists" have proposed that transhumanism is the next step in human evolution. They use the concept of Evolution to prepare people for excepting that transhumanism is the next step. First of all, transhumanism would be an artificial evolution, not natural evolution. So no, it wouldn't be the "next step" in human evolution.

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Created: 2017-03-22 07:02:52

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