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Flat Earth Sun, Moon, and Eclipse Model Analysis

Sun and Moon?

Today on Godless Engineer, we are going to take a look at a few Flat Earth Sun / Moon models and how they explain day, night, and eclipses. Obviously, these models are ridiculous and are downright laughable. They do not explain how we perceive our universe nor does it even explain what we experience in reality.

One model has just the sun revolving around and doesn't even try to include the moon. On this one, we will only see how it explains day and night instead of the positions of the sun and moon. The sun doesn't even begin to represent the actual coverage of the sun. It has one part of the model where the entire earth is dark except for this one part of the sea.

Another model has the moon and sun revolving counter to each other which doesn't explain why lunar / solar eclipses happen. Finally, the last one has the sun and moon merging and then separating as they continue their revolutions. It's all quite bizarre in how these people think.


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Created: 2017-03-20 07:44:13

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