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Jesus Freak Is Prime Suspect of Amber Alert

Tad Cummins

Tad is the main suspect in an Amber Alert out of Tennessee. He is self described as a "Jesus freak." Normally, I wouldn't care if you're a Jesus freak or Muhammad fanboy but in America, Christianity is regarded as some kind of moral standard. For the general public, one would automatically assume someone is good and well meaning if they claim to be Christian. Often you hear how Atheists have no moral foundation because they don't believe in a god. Meanwhile, Christians seem to get a free pass on questioning their morality.

My point is that just because you're Christian doesn't mean you have any moral foundation or that the foundation can't crumble out from beneath you, like it seems to have done with Tad here.


Tad's neighbors describe him as being "dedicated to his family" and "very respectful" to everyone. In general, he never had a negative interaction with his neighbors. Tad's neigbhor described him further:

"He is a school teacher, he's very academically gifted, very intelligent guy," he said.

Never be fooled by someone that says they are Christian. They are just as susceptible to being "bad" guys as anyone else.

Even atheists.

Created: 2017-03-16 11:24:27

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