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Rapture Warning For All Atheists, You've Been Warned


Not the one in the sea in Bioshock but this is a rapture warning for all you atheists out there. Not really. I'm responding to a rapture warning for us. Basically, we can be atheists now but we will change our tune when the rapture gets here. So play it up now atheists, soon we'll be sucking jesus dick in hell .... or something.

This guy has his doomsday speech all ready with repetitive "You've Been Warned" mantra that he keeps reciting. I love how they feign being concerned for our well being as if they are doing some noble thing. They aren't. They are being a dick by pushing their beliefs on others. I'm not talking about this guy in particular. I'm talking about people like him on the streets yelling at people about how they are going to go to hell.

Honestly those people can fuck right off a cliff.

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Created: 2017-03-15 11:42:24

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