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Total Reptile

Trump is definitely a Reptilian. I mean he's rich, powerful, and he doesn't know how to act human. TOTAL REPTILIAN.

Seriously, though, these conspiracy videos are just fucking ridiculous beyond anything I've seen. Basically how to prove trump is a reptilian you just need some dark videos of him, some digital distortion in the signal, and licking the lips. That is all that is needed to prove trump is a reptilian overlord.

The eye thing is pretty ridiculous. They say you can tell that his eyes are different colors at different times. That just proves that has different effects like that fucking dress we all fought over. His eyes have never gone from blue to brown on camera in a way that would indicate some kind of deception.

The tongue licking is just as ridiculous than the tongue thing. I mean we all lick our lips when they get dry. Citing this as a reason that Trump is a reptile then you need your head examined.

The last two videos are as legit a proof that Trump is a reptile that you're going to get.

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Created: 2017-03-10 08:32:38

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