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Debunking David Wolf On The Importance of Salt

Don't ascend with low sodium

David Wolfe is a well-known peddler of WooWoo. In this video, he is telling us how important it is to have salt in our diet but even more than that it keeps us firmly planted on the earth. That's right, if the seas didn't have a high salt concentration, it would just float off the earth. You would think i was kidding but you'd be wrong. David Wolfe's On the Importance of Salt is very serious and the people he talks to in it are just as crazy. They are ready to believe anything.

There is Bromide in salt deposits but in the amounts that we consume it is negligible. No, salt doesn't make you stick to the earth and no you are not made of juice. Oceans stay on the earth because of gravity, not salt. David Wolfe is either insanely ignorant or is just lying to sell his special bath salt meth salts.

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Created: 2017-03-08 08:52:38

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