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Genesis Apologetics "Debunks" Lucy as a Transitional Fossil

Just an ape?

In my continuing effort to rip apart every Genesis Apologetics video, I present debunking their poor attempt to discredit Australopithecus, or Lucy, as a transitional fossil. They attack the Lucy skeleton from various directions. First suggesting that she may have not even been female, to deliberately reshaping her bones to make her walk upright. This video only shows that they have no idea what a transitional fossil is or how we know various things about lucy.

For instance, they say paleontologists reshaped her bones to make her stand upright and walk on two legs. But we know for various reasons that she stood up on two legs and none of them required reshaping her her bones. Also, molds were reshaped not her actual bones and they were reshaped because there was obvious trauma that wouldn't allow the bones to fit together.

Genesis Apologetics does a horrible job "debunking" lucy as a transitional fossil. They grasp at straws and even present full on strawman arguments.

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Created: 2017-02-24 07:31:05

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