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Dr. William Lane Craig's The Moral Argument for God

God is good all the time

If you don't know Dr. William Lane Craig, he's a prominent figure in the great debate and often uses the moral argument for god's existence. He says that If objective morals exist, then god exists. Of course, that is specifically his god, Jesus / Yahweh. He explains this by trying to point out the absurdity of relativism. What he fails to account for in his moral argument for god is the fact that these "objective morals" he finds in his bible change across time and depends on the area of the world you live in.

At one point and time, it wasn't seen as a moral thing to treat women as equal to men. We know now that if we want a fair and just society that all people should be treated equally. Right now we are deal with a certain kind of class inequality as well as racial inequality. The death of a black man in some instances is seen as a negligible thing.

Slavery and Gay rights are also other major areas of our society today that have changed over time. With that societal change, the religions change as well. Christianity most certainly has changed what is morally good and bad depending on the society.

What do you think about the moral argument for god?

What do you think about Dr. William Lane Craig?

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Created: 2017-02-15 08:22:33

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