daily bible podcast,day 5

Abram Dishonors Himself in Egypt


Today in the Daily Bible, we are looking at how Abram dishonors himself. Normally when we are talking about dishonoring people Asia is involved but this time it's Egypt. So we have Abram and Sarai are traveling through Egypt and like the good cuck that he is Abram allows Pharoh to take Sarai as a wife because he couldn't handle the consequences of being her husband. Sarai was so beautiful that it scared the man of Abram. Of course, Christians teach this as "You have to be faithful to god no matter what" because apparently he should have just trusted that god would protect them.

Pharoh ends up giving Sarai back because of some major STD that he received and honestly you can see where this story was copy / pasted to another person in the bible. Abram had to go back to where he came from with Sarai in tow.

How much bitching do you think she did on the way back?

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Created: 2017-02-07 05:33:00

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