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You Need God Because We All Sin

Religious Snake-oil

Today we are looking at a parody of Sum 41's Fat Lip. It's called Psum 14 because it's centered around a single aspect of Psalm 14:1. The one where it says that Atheists can't do any good and shit. Well, it also says we all sin so you need god. I love how it says we all sin, which is a completely made up illness and then provides the cure for it, being that you need god, all in the same breath.

You do not need god in your life. No, we do not all sin because sin is imaginary. If you need god in your life, that's fine but push that on others saying they definitely need god in theirs. You don't know their life. If that is case though, I do feel sorry for you.

Do you need god in your life? Do you think sin is snake oil sold to you for a disease that is completely imaginary?


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Created: 2017-02-06 05:38:56

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