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Bob Larson Exorcises The Demon Jezebel From Brenda

Hypnotized or Planted?

Bob Larson has been exorcising demons from people for a while. Well, not demons but just one demon named Jezebel. I don't understand why Bob Larson can't just expel her once and be done with her for good. Instead, her demon ass just keeps coming back and taking people over. Sometimes she's taken over for many years in multiple individuals.

Watch with me as Bob Larson performs a live exorcism on Brenda and finally gets rid of the demon Jezebel for the 500th time. There are two possible explanations for what is going on. Either he is legit hypnotizing this woman or she's a plant. Most likely I think she's a plant.

What do you think? Hypnotized or Planted?

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Created: 2017-02-03 08:44:33

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