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Science of Noah's Ark and The Flood

What is a Fuck-Ton?

So today we tackle Noah and the Flood. We find out a lot of things like "How much does a fuck-ton weigh?" It's amazing how few questions religious people actually ask while reading the bible. First, we cover why exactly god needed to be all genocidal and how it was really dumb for him to lament over it when it had to be this way. Then we move into the building of the ark and the actual flood waters appearing. We calculate the amount of water needed to cover the earth like that and it's a fuck-ton.

We finish up today talking about the curse of ham and how it's all because Ham looked a bit too long at Noah's penis. Noah found out and said "Ain't no son of mine gonna be a faggot" and then cursed him and his descendants for eternity.

Noah's Ark and the flood are ridiculous things. Of course in the daily bible reading, they just want religious people to read and accept without question. We are at day 3 of the daily bible and we aren't going to stop asking questions anytime soon.

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Created: 2017-01-31 05:34:20

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