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Demons Attack the Armour of God

Demons aren't real

So KC found this video circulating facebook and it has this guy getting attacked by Demons. Demons attacking looks a lot like a really bad RPG or RTS and people think it's a real thing. But lo and behold he gets in a provocative position to accept Jesus to fill him up with his holy juice and all of a sudden he's spiritually a roman warrior ready to do battle, which is a little funny considering the Romans loved to kill Christians.

This is when he put on his "Armour of God" and that just scares the fuck outta demons to the point where you don't have to fight at all. The Armour Of God also comes with two bodyguards ready to do battle for you in the event that demons aren't just natively scared off by your new threads.


When demons attack your Armour of God, you want to make sure you have Jesus filling you deep inside with his holy spirit juice.

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Created: 2017-01-30 08:27:11

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