Atheists Are Hypocrites Because Science is a Belief

It's hard to see atoms

So this guy today is trying to tell us that Atheists are hypocrites or liars because we can't see an atom with our bare eyes and Science is basically a belief system like religion. Of course, none of this is true but he comes up with crazy shit to "prove" it. He claims that mathematical principles have changed over time and some double speak about gnostics.

Saying that Atheists are liars is just disingenuous. Atheists lying is a misrepresentation of Atheists. Atheists by nature do not lie. We just don't believe in a god. Asking, why atheists are hypocrites is again disingenuous. The question shouldn't be why atheists are hypocrites, it should be "why atheists are misrepresented all the time?"

Saying "Science is a belief system" is also disingenuous because science isn't a belief. Science seeks to accurately describe our reality. Science is not a belief system.

I'm responding to his video to provide some insight into what the fuck he's trying to say.

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Created: 2017-01-28 06:59:36

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