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Christian Indoctrinates His Child into Hateful Christianity

Christianity is Bullshit

So there is this youtube channel called "Escaping Atheism - Because Atheism is Bullshit" where they are very firebrand in their proselytization of Christianity. Their aggressiveness has led them down a path of hypocrisy, though. In this video today, Max Kolbe sr. is going to show us how he has prepared his son to handle atheists he meets in everyday life. The only problem here is that in the process of doing this he has indoctrinated his son into not only Christianity but also hating atheists for just being atheists. I don't hate Christians at all. I am harsh towards their actions or ideas but I'm not going to sit here and tell you that you shouldn't trust a Christian because they are Christian. That is just stupid.

Max here has found himself succumbing to the very thing he claims atheists do to their children. That is indoctrination. He claims that atheists indoctrinate their kids with lies and they do so malevolently. Claiming that atheists are part of a hate cult which doesn't make sense at all. For one we don't hate people intrinsically because we are atheists. Also, Atheism isn't a cult. There is no worship or veneration of anything.

Simply put this is emotional abuse and child abuse.

Let me know what you think about childhood indoctrination like Max does.


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Created: 2017-01-20 09:23:47

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