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Pastor Greg Locke Has Twitter Meltdown

There are a couple things that we are going to be handling in this video. Frist up is a channel update.

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The channel has been growing a lot lately and I want it to stay that way... ever growing. That will be my main focus for 2017. What does this mean, though? I will be continuing to pump out my content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Mondays are response videos that are usually live streamed on the facebook page with some creative editing thrown at it. Wednesdays are interview's so if there are any atheists or secularists that you would like interviewed, please tell me in the comments. Fridays are a variety sort of day. I will be featuring any number of content on those days to include, but not limited to, Comment Responses, Logical Fallacies, Bible Questions, Q & A, Response Videos.

Next, we have our fundraisers that we will be promoting all year long. The first one is for Engineers Without Borders. Our goal is $2500 but we are just going to try and get as much in donations as we can. These fundraisers will be done by quarter so if you can help us out every quarter of 2017, that would be awesome.

Now Pastor Greg Locke did something insanely stupid. He took to twitter to get attention by picking on the Atheist and Secular community at large. He recently gave a prayer at the State Senate which I'm not completely opposed to considering the laws surrounding opening prayers or messages. The problem I had was that his position was called "Minister of the Day." Of course, the best place in the world to vent your frustration is Twitter. I'm going through his tweets and they are equally ridiculous.


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Created: 2017-01-04 07:16:50

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