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Flat Earth Proof Comments

Hill Billy Reads Flat Earth Comments

So earlier this week I replied to a Flat Earth video and it was immediately dog-piled by Flat Earth theorists. They left comment after comment espousing their "knoledge" on how a spherical earth is just absurd as well as how I need to just shut up. I took the time to respond to the dumbest ones and ended unable to continue without laughing my ass completely off my body.

These comments exemplify what is wrong with the internet. Dumbass people with Dumbass ideas that have the Dunning-Kruger Effect turned up to 11. They are so sure of themselves that they will say the craziest shit in the most misspelled ways.

Please join me as I respond to Flat Earth comments and please feel free to follow the link below to leave a comment of your own.


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Created: 2016-12-31 08:24:50

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