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ShockOfGod Says Atheism is Irrational ... He Failed

Shock of God Awful Arguments

ShockOfGod was the talk of Youtube a few years ago, but he is still making dumb videos. In this portion of the video, he tries to show how Atheism is irrational but he fails miserably by apply a lot of scientific principles on top of Atheism. Atheism is just a non-belief in any deities that may exist given the evidence that we have. Atheism doesn't require people to accept the Big Bang as the fact that it is nor Evolution as a fact.

ShockOfGod continuously commits fallacy after fallacy in this video in order to support his primary point of "Atheism is irrational" show that he is actually the irrational one in this conversation.

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Created: 2016-12-23 13:13:30

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