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Kentucky Governor Declares 24 Month "Year of the Bible"

Separation of Church and what?

Gov. Matt Bevin of Kentucky declared 2016 to be the "Year of the Bible." This year is no different, last year was also the "Year of the Bible" in Kentucky. What the fuck does that even mean?

Well for one thing this is definitely a violation of the separation of church and state. He is placing one religion above all others and officially doing so in his position as Governor.

A local pastor has an idea as to why he is compromising his government position for his faith:

Both proclamations pleased Pastor Mark Harrell of Victory Christian Fellowship church in Somerset, who said Wednesday that Bevin’s actions are in support of a statewide Bible reading marathon.

The “Kentucky 120 United Bible Reading Marathon” is a statewide event to get people in all 120 Kentucky counties to read aloud the entire Bible in the first three or so days of the new year.

Mark Harrell wants people to read single verses of the bible for three straight days. That's how long it will take to read the whole bible, which apparently means the entire year has to be declared a "Year of the Bible."  Exactly how is this supposed to make others in Kentucky feel? I can imagine it makes non-christian citizens feel excluded and might make them question whether their government really has their best interests as a priority, not that it isn't already suspect. 
There is a clear sign of the church manipulating the state in this statement alone:

“We had the Bible-reading marathon last January and the governor and his family participated,” Harrell said. “He wanted it again. We are fortunate to have such a governor.”

Harrell said he and Democratic state Rep. Tom Riner of Louisville, who also is a Baptist minister, asked Bevin to sign the proclamation for 2017 and “he graciously accepted as he did last year.”

How do you think the Ark Encounter got tax payers to fund a porition of their fantasy land amusement park for adults to educationally abuse children? Because the Governor of Kentucky is easily manipulated by the church and by Christians. He clearly puts Christianity and Christians above any other citizens in his state. Guess who wrote the proclamation? If you guessed Rep. Riner (the baptist minister), then you win a facepalm blowing your mind out the back of your fucking skull.


“We’re trying to get all people in one accord in God’s Word,” said Harrell.

He said readers in the marathon will include government officials, students and jail inmates, among others.

Trying to get all people under one accord? Does this look like Nazi Germany to you? This is supposed to be a country where we are free to believe in any religion we want to or to not believe in one at all. But these two jackasses want to use the government to unite us under their particular brand of Christianity.
Oh yeah, they are going to include government officials, students, and jail inmates during the three day reading of the bible. First of all government officials are not legally allowed to use their positions for this kind of activity. Secondly, jail inmates??? Are the inmates being forced to participate or is it voluntary? Are the inmates that don't believe in your bullshit going to remain locked up in their jail cell. That's  what showing favoritism to one religion over another looks like.
Here is something even more confusing:
Harrell said he initially was not planning to hold the marathon in back-to-back years, but Bevin requested it again.
That's fine if the Governor wants to support this as a private citizen but the problem is that he's doing it through his position as Governor. 

Push back is happening

Luckily there are those in the Kentucky that are pushing back against this, albeit they are not surprised this is a thing again.

Frank Lovell Jr., a board member of Louisville Atheists and Freethinkers, said he is “disappointed but not surprised” by Bevin’s actions.

“He can believe whatever he wants to but I just don’t think an agent of the government should be signing such a proclamation,” said Lovell.

I'm glad there are some rationally minded people in Kentucky, but I do believe until the Governor is replaced, it is always going to be a losing battlefield for the separation of church and state.
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Created: 2016-12-22 10:49:53

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