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Leaving Faith and Religion with Poisoning the Well

It's not hard to say goodbye

Phat Pat and So Fain are getting pretty well known in the online secular and atheist community. So Fain was born into a Catholic Family and went to schools with highly religious people. That's no surprise living in Florida though. When he started having questions about his faith he was met with a lot of resistance from his religious teachers in bible study, which is logically where you would think you could bring these questions up. He eventually he came to the conclusion that he just couldn't believe it anymore.

Phat Pat had an Atheist father but was raised Episcopalian because his mother was that. She felt that she needed to raise him in religion. One day he just decided he didn't believe in the claims of the bible and his father supported him but told him it was more important to support his mother.

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Created: 2016-12-21 07:17:40

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